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Welcome 2023!

I stepped outside my front door at 5:45 a.m. this morning, January 1, 2023. Above me hundreds of stars, including the Big Dipper directly overhead, twinkled in the clear, dark sky. The weather forecast was wrong. Last night's rain, clouds, and fog departed early.

I picked up my mother, and we drove east to Fort Hill in the Town of Eastham along the edge of Cape Cod facing the marsh and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. I have been joining a Buddhist group here to welcome in January 1 for the last several years. Some years have been cold and raw; others warm. Today was on the milder side, but with a cool, steady breeze in the inky, pre-dawn light. Every year is beautiful and never the same.

We gathered together talking amongst ourselves. Three dogs did the same. A friend unexpectedly appeared and joined us (delaying her morning run for a good cause). A remaining, thick wall of clouds clung to the eastern horizon. The sun slowly crawled up and up its backside, and then crested into the clear sky above. The first morning of the first day of the new year has arrived.

Here is wishing for a Happy, Healthy, and Safe 2023 to All in America, in China, and Everywhere!



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