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featured on Something More with Chris Boyd

Navigating the US-China Relationship:
Insights with Andrew Singer

Attorney Andrew Singer joins Chris Boyd and Jeff Perry to discuss the current relationship between the United States and China. Attorney Singer who has studied in China and is the author of “China Sings to Me” discusses the evolution of the bilateral relationship between the United States and China after four decades of formal relations. He expands on the vitriol and blowback that people and organizations face who are trying to further a positive dialogue. Jeff quotes statistics from a Pew Research study that shows that most Americans have a negative view of China. Attorney Singer offers his
thoughts why China and the United States hold such views of each other. The conversation continues with how the relationship between these two superpowers impacts not only geopolitics and military issues, but also on trade and commerce. 

Featured in Saber & Scroll


Middle Kingdom Maxims Revisited:

The Long, Winding, and Bumpy Road of Chinese History

China is a nation and often an idea defying easy description and understanding. The Chinese government promotes maxims of Chinese history and culture that are generally accepted at face value abroad. Examining these maxims can help lead to a more clear-eyed appreciation of a China whose history is remarkable but not as linear, peaceful, and stable as China’s leaders would have the world and their own people believe. 

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Featured in  Collecting Chinese Snuff Bottles

"A Cartographic Connection:  Maps of China and Chinese Snuff Bottles During the Qing Dynasty."

Pages 83-97 of the book Collecting Chinese Snuff Bottles by Susan Page, Asian Art in London, 2021.

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Asia today with Jeffrey bingham mead
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Additional mentions & organizations

Advisory Board Member, Neoland school of Chinese culture  

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