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Generation-Z Entering the Workforce

Chinese meme of Gen-Z worker telling boss to shut up (From @乌鸦校尉 on Zhihu)

This article on Gen-Z workers in China is timely and cross-cultural. My family had a similar discussion around the kitchen table this past weekend with my Gen-Z niece. My Gen-Z son (who was not in attendance) has also weighed in in the past.

In China it is the “'post-’00s rectifying the workplace.'” In America, their counterparts are also looking for a work-life balance and are not as willing to accede to extraneous work and non work-related employer dictates.

Whether this is acceptable or recommended behavior and whether it is done in a more or less respectful manner were on the floor for debate. The discussion became animated at times because this notion of fighting back and having a stronger voice at a younger age did not sit well with some of the Gen-X'ers and Silent-Generation members around the table.


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