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Comments on Durian Fruit

***I have family in Indonesia. They are of Chinese ancestry. I love them, and they love durian. I do not. Durian is a PUNGENT, slimy, spiky-skinned Southeast Asian fruit that is beloved over there. My family bought several durian during one of our visits, and we had to store them on an outside rack of the car because the unique smell was so overpowering. I grimaced when one of my sons tried a durian donut in Bali and the other son tried durian mocchi in Hong Kong. I shudder to think of durian chicken nuggets.


China’s KFC has been doing some soul-searching.

Much like a wayward youth, hurled asunder on the tumultuous waves of fate and uncertain in its concept of self, China’s KFC has been making some questionable life decisions.

A couple months back, they decided American-style fried chicken wasn’t really a core component of the KFC brand, and started selling Chinese street food. Still, it wasn’t too surprising coming from those behind the infamous “chizza“, a pizza with a crust made of chicken (and by “pizza”, we mean melted cheese with kernels of corn in it).

And yet, in terms of sheer scale, KFC’s latest experiment might be its greatest affront to God yet: Durian chicken nuggets.

In the press image, sulphuric, fecal-scented liquids ooze from the shell of an innocent chicken nugget, like contents from the corpse of a man whose colon has been sliced open by an enemy katana and left untended on the battlefield for three or four days in the sweltering wet heat of July.

And we pray.


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