• Andrew Singer

70th Anniversary of the People Republic

October 1, 2019, was the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.  There was a massive military parade in Beijing. 

A commentator on www.inkstonenews.com (@inkstone) wrote the following:

"In the morning, as I was leaving for work, my relatives in mainland China flooded our family chats groups with photos and memes celebrating the PRC’s birthday. Their enthusiasm was genuine.  Even if they’re deeply unhappy with aspects of their society, they’re genuinely thrilled with how far they’ve all come as a country. This sentiment was on full display in Beijing, when the top leadership gathered atop the rostrum at the Gate of Heavenly Peace in the heart of the city."

Nations, societies, and peoples each have their own perspectives on the world.  It is wise for everyone to recognize these different takes on life as we interact with one another.

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